Leah Explores … Quarry Rock

There is no doubt that there are some stunning hikes around the Vancouver area. Up until this point I have never really been one to partake in such activities. But the weather has been so nice in the past few days that it just seemed like the opportune time to dive right in. I choose to do the Quarry Rock hike, which is located in the tiny town of Deep Cove, in the eastern part of North Vancouver. I’m not gonna lie, my main reason for picking Quarry Rock was that is one of the easier hikes in the area, which I thought would be perfect for little old me. Also, I have seen so many pictures from the top from when friends have done it and the view in insane.

Getting there:

I looked into the different options for getting out to Deep Cove, and decided that as I was on a bit of a tight schedule, I would hire a car, so that I wasn’t going to be dependent upon bus timetables. I booked through Enterprise, who informed me when I went to pick up the small economy car I had hired, that I would actually be driving a huge pick up truck as that was all they had available. I was driving a Ford F150 (Google it, it’s seriously HUGE!) cue my minor panic attack as I set off on my adventure.

The drive there is very straight forward from the Downtown Vancouver area, and takes roughly around thirty minutes depending on traffic. Parking however was a whole other kettle of fish. I figured that by going on a Wednesday in April, it would be pretty empty, I was wrong. The two public parking lots near the start of the trail were full, plus I was driving a beast of a car that I didn’t think I would be able to park in a space that had another car remotely close to it. Luckily, after a few minutes of driving around I found a space a bit further away from the crowds that I could easily park in.

If you are taking the bus, it takes around an hour, from Downtown, and you will need to change to a different bus once you get to the North Shore. But I am assured by friends that it’s an easy journey and I will definitely take the bus next time for the convenience of not having to find parking.


The Hike:

As I have already said, the Quarry Rock hike is labelled as “easy”. That said, it’s not just a leisurely stroll, there are quite a few stairs involved and exposed tree roots so look out for those. For anyone feeling like they need to take a breather, I definitely did, there are plenty of places to stand off to the side and catch your breath and drink some water, as you watch sporty healthy people race by. The other great thing about the hike is that there are lots of flat parts along the way, and some stairs that go down rather than up. Another added bonus is that it is a dog friendly hike!

The views from the top of the rock are totally worth any second of doubt or pain you feel along the way.


What to take:

Water – You’ll be surprised how thirsty you can get on the way up, especially if it is a hot day. I took 1L of water which was perfectly fine, but I kind of wish I had taken a little bit more, especially as you have to wait until you get back to Panorama Park to refill your bottle.

Snacks – Take some lunch, or at the very least some snacks to refuel once you reach the top. It’s the perfect spot to sit and snack and soak in the stunning views.

Sunscreen – Just sitting on the top of the rock for thirty minutes, I managed to catch the sun and get some tan lines. Make sure to cover yourself in sunscreen.


Quarry Rock is a beautiful hike and I can’t recommend it enough. It was an easy enough hike that as a novice I didn’t feel overwhelmed at any point. It was the perfect way to spend a sunny day, and really soak up all the natural beauty BC has to offer.


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