Upcoming Adventures – 2018 Edition

As has become somewhat of a tradition at the start of the year, it’s time for me plan out my travel for 2018. This year is a little different to normal, well a lot different I suppose, in the fact that I’ve quit my job and am spending the year traveling … eeeekkkkk! Unlike previous years there are no maybe’s just definites. So without further ado, lets do this!

The Definites:
I’m starting this year of adventure with some much needed downtime back in the UK. It felt like all I did in 2017 was work (308 out of 365 days to be precise) so I’m very much looking forward to going home to see family and friends, eat all the food and not do a lot else.

I still can’t believe this is happening. Australia has felt like a pipe dream for so long, but it’s finally happening. I have my working holiday visa and a rough plan, and I’m heading down under for a year of adventures and doing as little work as I can manage. I’m looking forward to discovering new cities, and experiencing a winter that doesn’t involve constant rain and near freezing temperatures.

Well more specifically The Rockies, and Vancouver. Two of my good friends are getting married in October in the beautiful Canadian Rockies, so I will be venturing back from Australia to watch those two goobers get married. I’ll also be using this opportunity to¬† explore the beautiful Rockies and maybe even spend a day or two in Calgary. As well as squeezing in some time in Vancouver to catch up with my faves before I evade the dreary Vancouver winter to return to the Australian sunshine.


It’s the first time in a long time that I am not working around vacation time to plan my travels and it feels very freeing. The thought of going to Australia is slightly daunting but the feeling of excitement is far outweighing anything else. This year is going to be very different for me and I couldn’t be more eager to see how it goes … Stay tuned to see how it all goes.

What are your 2018 travel plans?


Upcoming Adventures – 2017 Edition

At the start of each year I like to start thinking about my travel plans for the rest of the year, places I know I’m definitely going to go, and places I’m dreaming about going. I’ve been meaning to write this post since New Years Day, but in classic last-minute Leah style I’ve procrastinated and now it’s February! This year I have a trip home to which is going to eat into most of my vacation time from work (damn you Canada and your stingy vacation allowance) but I’m hoping to squeeze a couple of weekends away into my travel plans for the year, and as always there are plenty of stat days coming up so if I’m strategic I can squeeze in a three day weekend or two for exploring.


The Definities:
I have a trip home to look forward to at the end of May. It will be nearly 18 months since I’ve been back to England by the time this trip rolls around and I cannot wait to catch up with family and friends. I’m looking forward to spending some relaxing time at home as well as going to Gloucester, London and anywhere else I can squeeze in during this trip.

Whilst in England, I’ll be heading over to Spain, more specifically the Costa Blanca, to celebrate a friends wedding at the end of May. Myself and another friend are flying into Alicante and then heading down to the port town of Denia, where we will be based. I know we are both looking forward to seeing the ancient castle in the town and explore the surrounding area’s, as well as squeezing in a few trips to the beach and plenty of sangria.

Los Angeles
I’ve been to LA and many of the surrounding area’s before but this year I’m heading back for an extra special reason; my bestie’s bachelorette weekend. The process of planning is in full swing, and without giving too much away; we will be heading down to the LA area for a weekend, of sunshine, cocktails and laughter!

The wedding of the aforementioned bestie is taking place in the beautiful area of Pemberton, British Columbia in August. I know I will be spending a weekend up in ‘Sea to Sky’ country for the wedding and taking in the beauty of Whistler and Pemberton in the summertime.

The Maybe’s:
Gulf Islands
I’ve been to Galiano Island and Bowen Island, but there are so many more Gulf Islands to explore right on my doorstep, top contenders include; Salt Spring and Pender. Watch this space …

I’ve said it before, and no doubt I will say it again, but I haven’t made the most of living in this beautiful country and I want to attempt to rectify that this year. Even if I just explore some more of British Columbia I will be happy.

Weekend’s Away
I know I will probably have a weekend away with two of my best friends at some point in the summer. We go away together every year, last year we went to Harrison Hot Springs which was lovely and relaxing, and I’m looking forward to seeing where we end up this year.


Whilst I have lots of exciting stuff to look forward to this year, I don’t have any big epic trips coming up. I’m more focused on taking smaller weekend breaks and local days out, in a never ending effort to try and save money. We’ll see how it goes …
What are your travel plans for the year? Let me know in the comments, happy exploring!